Nixie & Brian's Romantic Oxford Engagement Shoot

Now that summer is over and I'm (mostly) caught up on my editing, I'm really excited to start sharing some of my most recent work on the blog. It has been a busy summer season that ended with a couple of amazing autumn weddings, and I've only got two more now before we ring in 2018 ( did that happen)!? 

Back in August, I had the pleasure of working with Nixie and Brian who were visiting the UK from Indonesia. They were recently engaged and wanted to capture the exciting time in their lives against the romantic backdrop of Oxford. As it can get pretty busy during the summer here, we woke up bright and early and had the streets to ourselves. We also managed to catch the last little bit of golden hour light! We had a great morning chatting, shooting and wandering between some of Oxford's most beautiful landmarks. Crossing my fingers these two make it back to the UK for a honeymoon shoot. 

I hope you enjoy the shots :)

Em x  

Anna & Nic's Spring Engagement Session in Winchester

It is so nice when clients become friends; Anna and Nic travelled back to Australia last month and I miss them! I was lucky enough to do two shoots with these guys - an engagement session and their wedding at a stunning venue in Hampshire.

Nic and Anna were unique clients in that they had already had not one but TWO wedding celebrations before I met them - the joys of being an international couple! Nic is from Hampshire and Anna is from Singapore, but they live in Australia. Their first celebration was in Oz, the second in Singapore, and lucky for me, the third in Hampshire. 

A few weeks before the celebration, we met up in Winchester for a little walkabout shoot. Winchester has been around since prehistoric times, and  is surrounded by beautiful old stone gates and iron-age hill forts. It is a photographer's dream, full off stone arches, textured backdrops, and rolling hills. It also has an amazing cathedral that I think is home to one of the coolest stories ever; back in the early 1900's, the wooden foundations under the cathedral nave started to collapse and a deep-sea diver named William Walker was sent down underneath the crypt to reinforce the wood. He spent 6 years under the cathedral in the pitch black reinforcing it's structure. SIX YEARS SCUBA DIVING IN MUD. If you go into the building today you can see a statue of his bust, as well as a lean in the nave from where the foundations started to give. Okay - nerdy history rant over. We had a great time wandering around and snapping before we got taken out by some preeetty serious hay fever. 

I hope you enjoy the shots - more from the wedding the come soon!

Emily x

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Anna & Nic-60.jpg