A Weekend Away in Pembrokeshire

The downside of being a new photographer is that I am not exactly drowning in clients and requests for work (yet!). However, the upside of being a new photographer is having free weekends and time to explore and document my personal life and develop my ability and style. 

At the end of April, my boyfriend and a couple of his friends from school ran the Pembrokeshire Marathon; some ran the half, some ran the full. I won't name names. I'd never been to Wales so I was keen to tag along and capture the weekend. After a four hour drive in our 1980's Mini, which requires a refill of gas about every 45 minutes, we made it to Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire and tucked in for the night before the big run. 

While I wasn't partaking in the marathon, I played the crucial roles of documenting the runners and bringing cold beers and snacks to the finish line. I was out of breath by the time I reached to top of the hill where the race ended, so was thanking my stars I hadn't signed up to do it myself. We met the champions at the end of the run and then spent the rest of the long weekend exploring Littlehaven, St. David's and other beautiful spots dotted along the coast. I also spent a good part of the weekend trying to pronounce the Welsh road signs. 

Wales is a wildly photogenic place, and I happened to be with a wildly photogenic bunch. I also found myself becoming preoccupied with all the beautiful seaside textures, and have thrown a couple more abstract photos into this post.

Enjoy the shots! Or in Welsh, "mwynhau'r lluniau"! 

Em x


Family Portrait Session with the Browns

It is not very often that two of your favourite teachers get married - but that is what happened with the Browns! 

Erin and Doug taught me in my high school days back in Toronto. Erin was my home room teacher and also taught World Religions, and Doug was my Philosophy teacher. They both took such creative and personalised approaches in their teaching that I can actually still remember a lot of their lessons today (almost eight years later).

These two tied the knot about seven years ago now and have since welcomed two new additions to their family; Mackenzie and Madison, 4 and 1 years old. It was so nice to catch up with my old teachers and meet their beautiful little ones. Working with kids was both hilarious and challenging as they aren't the best at sitting still -  so I opted for more candid style shots of them on the move. 

I hope you enjoy the shots, get in touch to book your Spring family photo session! 

Em x

Portrait Session with Hope

One of this week's shoots was a fun little portrait session with my gorgeous friend Hope.

Hope is a nurse here in Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children, and needed some help with a head shot for her professional profile. She is full of so many amazing stories about the little ones that she works with - a serious everyday hero!

We didn't have a ton of time to work with but I think we managed to get some nice shots in. It was fun playing around with a few different back drops, and its amazing how many different looks you can achieve with such a simple photo concept. Little things like a lift of the chin or casting the eyes out of the frame make for an entirely different photo - it was cool to experiment with these subtleties. 

It was so nice working with another close pal - although we definitely did more talking than photo-taking at some points, which was my bad! 

Enjoy the pics :) 

Em x